Justin Ma
Bad Milk, 2014

This was all for nothing
This perception that became a habit that became a regret
A system built on the foundation of my failures
Each wave an apology
Each beach an unreceptive ear
Each grain of sand a glimmer of forgiveness
The colors of each sunset a distant memory
And the waves crash endlessly in a symphony of infinite apologies
I will always be sorry even long after everything has turned to sand and all the oceans and seas have become a single teardrop in this universe.
Jason Lee
Apparatus, 2014
Cory Hillis
Mystery Flow, 2009
Album: Delta of Venus
Justin Ma
Jason Lee
Backbone, 2014
Digital + Poetry Collaboration
Riley Tolstedt
Sweet, 2011
Album: Self-titled
Cover Art: Ryan Biggs
Hidden Shapes Mixtape 04, 2014